Adding Multiple Workers (Sales Split)

This is a unique feature workify can support. We call it load balancing. If you have the Pro or Pro+ plan, you can assign multiple workers. When someone buys one of the workers will get a notification. When someone else buys a different worker will get a notification.

You can set the ratios at which purchases are divided while editing a service > workers tab > "sales split" box.

For example: If you have four workers and want each worker to receive the same amount of customers, put 25 in each workers "sales split" box. A customer that comes in will go to Worker 1, the next to Worker 2, the next to Worker 3, the next to Worker 4, and the next - back to Worker 1. 

If you want two workers, but want 75% of new customers going to Worker 1, put 75 in their box and 25 in Worker 2.

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