Automated emails

There are several transaction emails sent automatically to: the customer, the worker, and the marketplace owner.

These include:

- Sign up / Account created
- Delinquent customer (sent to owner and worker)
- Delinquency resolved (sent to customer, worker, and owner)
- New customer / Sale (sent to owner and worker)
- New message / File uploaded  (sent worker and customer)
- Refunds (sent to owner and customer)
- Payout sent (sent to owner and worker)
- Subscription started (sent to customer)
- Subscription renewed (sent to customer)
- Worker invites (sent to worker)
- One-time service complete (sent to worker and customer)
- Subscription canceled (sent to worker and customer)

At this time, automated emails are sent directly from a Workify email address, but they do have a reply to address for the market, and come from the market name.



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