Testing my Services

If you would like to test purchase one of your services, that's perfectly fine! All you'd need to do is go to your marketplace homepage (for example, www.designgeeks.co), and create an account for yourself. Then, you can test purchase and see it from both a customer viewpoint and owner viewpoint. 

Please note, you will then have two logins:

1. One will be from your owner/admin account, and you will log in at www.workify.co

2. The other will be your customer account on your marketplace.
You will login directly from your marketplace (for example, logging in at: www.designgeeks.co)

Please note: If you're testing a service, it's probably best to set the price at $1. You cannot set the price to $0 due to the payment processing fee. 

Alternatively, you can adjust your service to offer a free trial of 10, 14, 30 days. Just make sure you cancel your service before the trial expires to avoid being charged. 

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