Can I purchase the service on behalf of my client?

Certainly! If you don't want your customers purchasing directly via your live site, you can purchase on their behalf.

Some reasons for doing this:

  • Changing the price for your client (to upsell)
  • You don't want them purchasing through the marketplace
  • You want to manage your client directly
  • Bundle services into a package

How to purchase on their behalf:
Go to your live site, purchase the service, and it will prompt you to create your own customer account. You'll then log into this customer account to communicate with the provider, receive files, etc. for your client.

You will be the one responsible for communicating with the provider on behalf of your client. You can then relay any information to your client and/or send them the deliverables. There is no way to purchase on their behalf and having them connect with the provider; the only way is by logging into the dashboard.

That's it!

For some other things you might have questions about, please see below.

Giving the client access to the dashboard:
Once you purchase on your client's behalf, if you later decide to give them access, you can provide them with your customer account login info (or change beforehand under settings, and send them the new login email and password).

Please note: If you've purchased gigs for multiple clients underneath your customer account, you cannot then later separate them out to give access for a client to only their gig. They would get the login info and have access for all purchases made on that customer account.

If you plan to give access to the client at a later date and have other clients you want to purchase for now, we suggest you create multiple customer accounts yourself (each using a different email). 

If you change the price of a service for your client (to upsell), the client dashboard will not reflect that price change. The client will be able to see the price of the service bought from your marketplace and past charges.

Pricing Changes:
If you have changed the price of a service, but then want to buy it on behalf of your client, we suggest changing the price back down to the base price. View a list of the base prices here.

Change the price to the base price, purchase the service, and then you can change back to your custom price. The purchase you made on your client's behalf will be grandfathered in at the base price and any new customers on your marketplace will purchase at the new price.

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