How do I order services for myself?

You're certainly welcome to purchase any of the white-label services on your own workify site. You might have a couple reasons for wanting to do this:

Help marketing your workify site:
You can purchase any of our services if you'd like to utilize them with help marketing your workify site. Let's say you want to build up a social media profile, create Facebook Ads, etc. Just purchase and enjoy the boost! 

Re-selling to your clients directly:
If you'd like to order the services on behalf of your clients, or bundle some services and sell a package to your clients, no problem. What you would do is purchase the service (or set of services) yourself, work with the worker to complete the project, and then re-sell to your client off-site. 

For any of the services on your site that you purchase yourself, you'll pay full price up-front and within a few days receive your portion of the profit back -- just as you'd receive if one of your customers purchased themselves.

Please note: You will need to purchase on your marketplace link - not through your dashboard when signed in as the owner. You'll then have two accounts: one where you sign into as the owner, two where you sign into your marketplace link as a customer. 

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