You're able to add additional sections to your homepage -- including a testimonial, one column, or two column space. These are areas where you can images and text to explain the process, satisfaction guarantees, and why your site visitors should purchase from you.

Creating a new section

Step 1

Visit the Storefront tab on your dashboard and click Sections in the options on the right.

Step 2

Click on the type of section you'd like to add to your storefront.

Step 3

Add your text content in the fields and upload an image. Use the Alignment buttons to change the section's alignment. Then click Create Section to add the section to your site.

Editing an existing section

Step 1

Click the name of the section you want to edit (i.e. One Column, Two Column, Three Column). 

Step 2

Edit the section in the popup window that appears.

In these sections, you can also include some code to add additional calls to action if you'd like. Use the code below to add these to your storefront.

  • CTA button - Add extra buttons to the services page:
<p><a class="cta cta-blue"href="/services">Browse Gigs</a></p></p>
  • Links within your copy:
<a href="LINK">Click here to check out our services.</a>

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