How do I embed services on my existing website?

Step 1

To add any or all of your services onto your existing website by embedding: Visit the Services tab on your dashboard. Scroll over any service and click the three dots in the top right. Choose Embed from the dropdown options.

Step 2

Select which embed option you would like to use: Link, Button, or Pop-Up.

Step 3

Follow the instructions given to you and you'll be all set!

* Besides these embed options, you can also add a link on your existing website to your entire marketplace or services page.
* For the description and info on the embed, you will need to design that part on your website. We only support the button and link embeds at this time, not the full service card. 
* Download the zipped file attached below for the service graphics. You are welcome to use these when embedding the services on your site.

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