There are a few ways you can add a link on your Workify marketplace to your main website, if you have one:

  • A third party tool (like Hello Bar) to add a pop-up or header with a link.
    You will just need to get this tool and add the custom code to your dash in the Custom Head Section on your dashboard.
  • A CTA in a section. Please see Adding Extra Buttons for more information on this.
  • Make your logo on the top left direct to your website.

To do this, 

Step 1

Visit the Storefront tab on your dashboard and click Custom Head in the options on the right.

Step 2

Copy and paste the following code into your Custom Head section. Click Save Settings.

window.location.href = 'WEBSITE LINK';

Step 3
Where it says 'WEBSITE LINK' in the code, replace with the link to your site.

This will redirect to your website on both the homepage and services page. Visitors on your services page will need to use the back button to return back to your workify homepage.

Please note: We do not offer support for any third party tools or custom code added. 

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