Your store will always be able to send automated emails signed by Workify. However, some users will want their automated support emails signed by their custom domain for a fully white-labeled experience to their customers. 

Follow the steps below to authenticate your domain for white-label email sending.

* Please also read the bottom of this article for some important notes

Step 1 - SPF
If you don't have an SPF record yet, you'll need to add one for your domain:

v=spf1 ~all

If you already have a TXT record with SPF information, you'll need to add Mailgun's servers to that record by adding in the record (before the last operator, which is usually ?all, ~all, or -all).

Step 2 - DKIM
Add a new TXT record for DKIM using the unique hostname and value assigned to your domain when you clicked "Check Status" from the email settings menu on your Workify marketplace.

Validate SPF and DKIM for Your Sending Domains

Before we can authenticate emails for your domain, you need to validate the SPF and DKIM records for your sending domain in your Workify account.

Step 3

To validate SPF and DKIM records for your sending domain on the Workify dashboard:

  1. Go to Storefront in your Workify account.
  2. Choose Support in the menu options on the right.
  3. Click the Check Status button to check the DNS settings for your sending domain.
  4. You will see a green "Email Ready" icon under your email address when validation is complete. If you do not see a green "Email Ready" icon, then something is not configured correctly.

Note: Any DNS changes may take up to 24 hours before they take effect.

* If you need additional assistance in setting up your custom email in your DNS settings, please contact your domain provider's support. They will be able to help make sure you're set up correctly.

* The Custom Support Email setup is only for automated emails sent by your marketplace to your customers (ie. New Purchase, New Message). This is not the same as setting up the link under your Support dropdown on your homepage. For that, please see Add Support Email to Homepage for help on at.

* To check if automatic emails are sent from the custom email you set up, please go to your live marketplace and click Login, then select Create Account. You can then check the auto email that will be sent to make sure it's from the name and email you set up.

* If you would like to receive responses from customers to automated emails (if any are sent) and utilize your support email, you will need to set up an account using something like Gmail. We do not create and host an email account for you through Workify.

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