Can I edit the automated transaction emails?

There are several transaction emails sent automatically to your customers and you, the marketplace owner.

These include:

  • Sign up / Account created
  • Delinquent customer (sent to you)
  • Delinquency resolved (sent to customer and you)
  • New customer / Sale (sent to you)
  • New message / File uploaded  (sent to customer)
  • Refunds (sent to you and customer)
  • Payout sent (sent to you)
  • Subscription started (sent to customer)
  • Subscription renewed (sent to customer)
  • One-time service complete (sent to customer)
  • Subscription canceled (sent to customer)

You are not able to adjust the text on these emails. 

You do have the ability to change the "From" name on the emails, as well as set a custom support email. For example: Marketing Pros <>

You can change this by visiting the Storefront tab on your dashboardand clicking Support in the options on the right.
* For the ability to change the support email address, please see Set Up Custom Email Sending.

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