What if I plan to purchase and manage services on behalf of my clients?

If you plan to purchase and manage all services on behalf of your clients, we’d recommend purchasing the services from our other site, Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is similar to Workify, but does not include the white label option. However, this would not be needed if you plan to manage everything for your clients.

You can purchase the service(s) directly from the Growth Geeks site, and manage them on your client’s behalf from your Growth Geeks dashboard. You can charge your clients and pass along the final deliverables to them outside of the platform. 

There are a few advantages to purchasing through Growth Geeks if you plan to manage everything on behalf of your clients:

  • It could save you money.
    There is no additional charge to use Growth Geeks besides the cost of the services themselves. This saves you the cost of the $99/month Workify plan.
  • There’s no additional setup required to get started.
    Using Workify allows you to create a white-labeled storefront to sell the services directly to your clients under your brand name. This storefront requires some initial setup to get started. Purchasing services directly from Growth Geeks requires no setup beyond purchasing the service and filling out an onboarding form.

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