Can I edit the automated transaction emails?

Both you and your clients receive automated transaction emails from our system. These emails are not editable. Below are two lists of the emails sent to you and your clients.

Automated emails sent to your clients

  • Account creation
  • New purchase
  • Transaction receipts for monthly subscription renewal
  • Failed and past due payment
  • Reminder to complete project brief
  • Unread message
  • New project update submitted
  • Subscription cancellation

Please see this doc for a full preview of the transaction email copy sent to your clients.

Automated emails sent to you

  • Your account creation
  • Your account cancellation
  • Transaction receipts for your account
  • End of free trial for your account
  • Payout received for your account
  • New client account created
  • New client purchase
  • Past due client payment
  • Client subscription cancellation

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