How does my client fill out the project brief after purchase?

Once a client makes a purchase on your marketplace, they'll need to fill out a project brief to give the pro the necessary info to get started on the project. This questionnaire is located on their dashboard. 

Workify dashboard submit customer project brief

If your client asks where they can find this project brief, you can send them these instructions: 

Log into your dashboard and visit the Projects tab. Select the project you need to fill out the questionnaire for. Once you're on that particular project page, click the Project Brief tab located underneath the project name. Enter your answers in the fields provided and click Save to submit the questionnaire.

You can also provide them with this screenshot below if they're having trouble locating the brief.

Workify dashboard customer project brief tab

Project Brief Changes

If the client needs to make changes to the details submitted in their project brief, they can edit their answers by clicking the Edit button, making their changes in the fields, and then clicking Save to submit their changes.Workify dashboard customer project brief latest form submission

A history of the client's project brief changes is saved under the Document Audits section. You, the client, and the pro can access this history to see the changes submitted by the client.

Workify dashboard customer project brief document audits

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