We offer to handle 100% of your customer support by using a white-labeled email address. To take advantage of this, you'll need to add a white-labeled email to your Workify storefront website.

Step 1

Visit the Storefront tab on your dashboard and click Support in the options on the right.

Workify dashboard storefront support field

Step 2

Locate the Support Email field. Enter in this email: Change "yourmarketname" to the name of your market. Using this email will ensure your support requests are sent to our support team.

Workify dashboard support email and support page fields

If you'd like to handle your own customer support requests, you can follow the steps above and use your own email address. This will make sure any support requests are sent directly to that address, not our support team.

You can use the Support Page field to enter the full URL for your external support page if you would like to make that available to your clients on your storefront.

* Our support is available to your clients through email only. We do not offer phone support for your clients at this time.

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