Set up a custom domain or subdomain

You can configure a custom domain purchased through a third party and direct it to your Workify storefront.

Your store will always be available using the default Workify subdomain (i.e. However, if you would like a fully white-labeled experience for your clients, you'll want to use a custom domain or custom subdomain.

To set up your custom domain or custom subdomain, follow the two steps below:

  1. Choose one of the following options:
    - Set up a custom domain
    - Set up a custom subdomain
  2. Then complete your setup

For a custom domain

Step 1

Login to your domain registrar where you can edit DNS settings and create an A record to point your domain to our server's IP address. >

Step 2

Create CNAME records pointing your domain back to > >

* Both the A and CNAME records must be set for this type of configuration to work.

* If you have any other A records not pointing to our IP, you will need to delete those.

Step 3

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For a custom subdomain

Step 1

If you are wanting to use a subdomain so that you can keep your existing website intact (e.g., create a CNAME record that points the subdomain directly to >

*Point the CNAME to only "" (not

* No A record is needed for a custom subdomain.

Step 2

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Complete your setup

Contact our support team to have the custom domain or custom subdomain added to your account. Please include the email on your Workify account, the name of your Workify market (i.e. the brand name on your storefront website), and the custom domain/subdomain to be added to your account. Once the custom domain/subdomain is added to your account, it may take some time to propagate.

* If you need additional assistance with setting up the A or CNAME records for your domain, please contact your domain provider's support and they can assist in setting it up correctly.

* It may take 24 hours for DNS settings to take effect from your registrar. Here's an example of what your site might show if it still needs time to propagate:

browser alert message your connection is not private

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