You're able to create discount codes under the Discounts tab on your dashboard. Your clients can use these codes when making a purchase on your storefront to receive a discount on their order.

Step 1

Click Add Discount to create a new discount code. Or click the name of an existing discount code to edit it.

Workify dashboard discounts tab

Step 2

Enter your information in the fields provided, then click Save Discount to save your changes.

Workify dashboard create discount fields

  • Code
    Give your discount a name. This is the code a client needs to enter when making a purchase, so make it short and easy to remember.

  • Type
    Choose whether the discount is a percentage off (e.g. 10% off) or a certain dollar amount off (e.g. $5 off).

  • Discount Amount
    Enter a number for the discount amount (e.g. 5, 10, or 15).

  • Duration
    Choose whether the discount is a recurring discount or one-time discount. Recurring discounts are applied to a client's purchase each time the subscription(s) renews for a new month until the client cancels the subscription. One-time discounts are applied to a purchase only once and do not renew each month.

  • Start Date
    Select the date the discount code should start.

  • End Date
    Select the date the discount code should end. An end date is optional.

  • Specific
    Choose whether the discount is applied to the entire order or specific services. If the discount is applied to specific services, select which services it applies to by clicking the Add Services button.

Workify dashboard discount specific field

How discounts affect your profits

When you create a promotion, the entire discount amount comes from your profits. For example, if you give 10% off of a $149 service, you subtract $14.90 from your profit amount. This is the same for both types of discounts (percentages and dollar amounts). 

* If your client is running into a problem when trying to use your discount code, first check to make sure that your cut of the profit is more than the discounted amount for the service(s) they're trying to purchase. If your discount code gives $50 off the purchase but your profit for the purchase is only $40, your client won't be able to complete the purchase. You'll need to adjust your discount code then have the client retry the purchase.

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